Monday, October 8, 2007


せんしゅうすいようびにサン・カンをあいました。ほんとうにすてきです。サンさんもわたしもジョージアからきました he was like, "Wow, nice to meet you!!" and he gave me a hug! キャ〜

Okay, that's it for my fangirling.

サン・カンとロジャー・ファンは Asian American indie えいが 「Better Luck Tomorrow」のしゅやくです。そしてサン・カンはえいが「The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift」の"ハン"です。コロンビアだいがくへいきましたto promote their あたらしいえいが「Finishing the Game」.

They were both really chill and down to earth, although we didn't really talk to Roger Fan. They showed a documentary about their journey from making Better Luck Tomorrow to Finishing the Game and did a Q&A type thing mostly about succeeding in the film industry and the difficulties of it especially as Asian Americans.

Roger Fan is also in Annapolis and some upcoming movie with Owen Wilson. Sung Kang is also in The Motel and the mock Korean drama episodes on "MadTV" with Bobby Lee which are only funny if you know Korean...Finishing the Game was selected for the Sundance Film Festival. Check out the trailer (and documentary that they showed) here.


watashi said...

こんばんは、わたしはウーです。バージニアだいあく(UVA) のいちねんせいです。
Hey, I'm Michael, a first-year at UVA. わたしのせんせい encouraged us to comment on other universities' students' blogs. I see you met with the actor from Tokyo Drift, すごい!That was a cool movie.


アラード said...

こんばんは、わたしもUVAのがくせいですよ。 ボミさんのいぬはとてもかわいいです。じゃ、まった。

Fay said...

I was there too. I got made them sign on my Nihongo no Textbook.