Monday, September 10, 2007

First Postttt



I'm studying 日本語 because of the similarities and connections it has to Korean (grammatically). Yay.


Aoi Tsuki said...

こんばんわ (Good evening)

I just set up Japanese on my computer. やた!(Yay!)

Now I see how you were typing Hiragana so fast ^_^

I can see how writing on these blogs will be good practice and fun too!

おやすめなさい (good night!)

Aoi Tsuki said...


I thought it was "Konbanwa" ;_;
こんばんわ vs こんばんは

See, this is why I am taking Japanese... I don't know the correct spelling.

おねがい します
Thanks for correcting me. I will try to improve. ^^;


さとう said...


marktuan said...

It's CHIH-CHUNG TUAN, You might be familiar to call me mark or "だん" さん, I'm so glad to be the same group with you! I'm not so good at English,
that's why I should take Japanese and English courses at the same time. Hope you enjoy the class, too.

Best Regards,

Andrew Shu said...



わたしはかんこくごもtrying to learnです。

Korean is hard because all the vowels sound the same... "eh, aeh, euh, ouh" :(

But I like that it is very similar to Japanese. And the alphabet is so easy. You can learn it in a few hours..

Andrew Shu said...

Hi ボミさん(I like your おなまえ... unique です)

I haven't really been making progress in かんこくご。 I need to start reading some children's stories or something... None of the grammar rules (conjugating verbs etc.) are sinking in without experience using the language.

Aoi Tsuki said...

There's a movie sequel? Can I borrow it, if you have it? I didn't know about it. What other series do you watch?

Do you watch Full Metal Panic? It is one of my favorite series.