Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Second Postttt

I need to come up with more おもしろい titles.

I have じゅくだい for other classes that I really don't want to do. Like the 1500-word lens essay for UW due tomorrow that I really should start. Honestly LitHum and UW are not the most enjoyable classes (たのしいきょうしつ?) in the world...

Some more about my interests in 日本語...I actually haven't watched a lot of アニメ other than デスノート (not very いい at all...まんが is so much better and えいが are decent) and 桜蘭高校ホスト部. But I've seen some ドラマs like ごくせん、花より団子 花より男子、のだめカンタービレ...my favorite is probably 野ブタ。をプロデュース. いいですよ!

And I'll just say right now that L is the most amazing character ever.

As for music...I absolutely love GO!GO!7188. I also really like 中島美嘉 and some of 伊藤由奈...and I think that's about it.


Andrew Shu said...

I liked Desu Noto anime until the climax. The last 10 episodes sucked. Crappy ending.

I guess I gotta watch the movies.

「花より男子」is actually the correct kanji for the anime... "Dango" is supposed to be a pun. 男性=だんせい=man. 団子=dumpling and is from the original idiom, "hana yori dango".

I can't read those kanji for music artists except 中=なか、美=み。。。

Caitlin said...

AHH YOU WATCH ノブタ? NOBUTA IS MY FAVORITE. AND GOKUSEN!! Nodame Cantible is next on my list! (I didn't have high speed internet at home, so I had to get my friend to download ドラマ for me. Now I'm catching up, hahaha.)

Yes, 花ざかりの君たちへ is the one with Oguri Shun and Horikita Maki dresses as a boy. It's wonderful (though not as good as Nobuta. But what is?) I highly recommend it - if I can find my blank CDs, I'll copy it for you if you like. Next Tuesday is the season finale! I'm so excited!

I love the Death Note manga and yes, L is the most amazing character ever. I didn't watch the Death Note anime, but I saw the first movie and really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I liked it because it was good or because it LIVE ACTION DEATH NOTE. ライト wasn't my idea of ライト, but I thought their L was perfect.

I also can't read the kanji of those musical artists, which is not surprising as I can read maybe ten kanji total. I really want to know who they are! Ah, is the first one Mika Nakashima? I have one song of hers, I think, and I really like it! 雪の花 it's called?

OhHenry83 said...

Isn't the linguistics sensei hilarious? I find his mannerisms and teaching style so amusing. He might not be too organized but he does seem to know a lot about language. Silly man.